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Speaking of the Dead:  Night Ramblings in a Texas Graveyard






The 13th Annual Speaking of the Dead

Night Ramblings in a Texas Graveyard

will be



October 21st and 22nd, 2016

Admission $12.00 (advance tickets only)

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Spirits in the 2016 Speaking of the Dead Tour
March 15, 1826 ~ July 18, 1917
(Portrayed by Patricia Page)

Rachel and her extended family immigrated to Texas from Indiana in 1849 and finally settled in Caldwell County in the fall of 1850.  Several of her children became trail drivers during the era of he great trail drives.  One of her sons, Theodore, died while herding cattle up into Wyoming.  Rachel will discuss her life and the untimely death of her son.  
January 18, 1831 ~ June 7, 1897
(Portrayed by Philip McBride)

C.M. Connolly was a native of Alabama and came to Texas in the early 1850s.  He became a Texas Ranger and served in the controversial Callahan Expedition in which the Rangers chased marauding Indians down across the Rio Grande River and then burned the town of Piedras Negras, instigating somewhat of an international incident between Mexico and the United States.  He also served in the Civil War with the 36th Texas Calvary.

September 1, 1866 ~ May 23, 1950
(Portrayed by Carol Ohlendorf)

Blanks family was one of the more prominent families in Lockhart during the early 1900s.  Lenore Blanks was an active part of the Lockhart community and the First Christian Church.  She was the first president of the Womens' Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and was very much involved in the prohibition movement n the county.  She and the WCTU were primarily responsible for the shutting down of the many saloons that could be found throughout Lockhart around the turn of the 19th century.
1874 ~ February 19, 1900
(Portrayed by John Baker)

Frank Frazor was a native of Lockhart and served in Captain John L. Veazey's Company B, 1st Texas Voluneer Infantry.  This  company of the Texas Volunteer Guard was organized in Luling.  When the Spanish-American War broke out in the 1898, his unit was activated and eventually served in Cuba.  Frank Frazor will talk about his experiences in this little known was between Spain and the United States. 
December 3, 1868 ~ January 25, 1893
(Portrayed by Scott Lloyd)

Thomas G. Williams was born in Lockhart shortly after the Civil War during the tumultuous Era of Reconstruction.  His mother died when he was very young and his father , Thomas Williams, re-married and became a member of the noted Texas State Police.  At the age of four, Thomas G. lost his father, who was killed in the line of duty.  He talks about his father and how his life progressed after losing his parents. 
January 31, 1889 ~ June 23, 1956
(Portrayed by Ellen Massey)

John Ellen Walker was a native of Mississippi and received her higher education in Texas.  As a young woman she was somewhat of a socialite and enjoyed travelling, parties, and social events.  She trained in the field of music and became a piano teacher in Lockhart.  There she taught her pupils, many of whom still reside in Lockhart today.  She never married or had children, however, she had a very large family of music students and friends who filled her life and love with excitement. 
January 3, 1830 ~ December 15, 1917
(Portrayed by Don Perry)

John L. Lane came with his father and family to Caldwell County from Tennessee in 1847.  Several years after gold was discovered in California, John and a group of adventurers set out for the goldfields of California.  They made a perilous trip across northern Mexico and took a ship to California where they mined for gold.  Later they returned overland to Texas by going through Nevada, Arizona, and across to El Paso and then back to Caldwell County.  He will talk about this exciting trip made by a small group of men from this area.
June 20, 1875 ~ June 8, 1946
(Portrayed by Todd Blomerth)

Emil Seeliger immigrated to Texas from Germany in 1886.  The Seeliger family arrived at the Port of Galveston and settled in Caldwell County.  Here Emily Seeliger became a blacksmith. In 1902, after hearing about a new invention, "the horseless carriage", Emily built the first automobile in Lockhart, and possibly the first in Texas.  Fascinated with this new invention, Emily transitioned from blacksmith to an automobile repairman and operated the first auto shop repair in Lockhart.